Little Lions accepts workplace childcare vouchers, I am already registered with the following schemes, but if you belong to a different scheme it is not a problem, please just give me the details of your voucher provider.

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Workplace childcare voucher schemes can save you £1,000s a year in tax. If you're not taking advantage, check them out as a matter of urgency. Frustratingly it is only available via employers, but many large and small companies take part. The key is they enable you to pay for childcare out of your PRE-TAX and National Insurance income. While this doesn’t sound much, the benefit is huge. Vouchers are not specific to each child and have a long expiry date, so if you know you're going to have higher childcare costs in the near future get the maximum allowance now.

Also many providers will let you backdate vouchers up to six months, although your child must be born for you to be able to sign up. Check your provider's procedures first.

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